Polymer Render for Better Adhesion

Get the Best Adhesion with
Cova-Wall® Polymer Render

Polymer render is an acrylic based, ready mix lightweight jointing compound manufactured for quick surface application and easy maintenance. Polymer renders are specifically designed to be used on fibre cement sheeting that covers the interior or exterior of a residential, commercial or industrial complex.

An acrylic render is a kind of render that uses acrylic resins, which are a group of thermoplastics most often used in the building and construction industry through paints, coatings, mastics and sealants. The acrylic makes the render stronger and more flexible as compared to other traditional rendering products.

The major benefit of using polymer render is its exceptional adhesion. Polymer render can be applied to an array of substrates which include fibre cement, painted walls, concrete, and masonry surfaces. Polymer render can be applied in a range of ways, letting you create different finishes.

Another benefit of polymer render is it is less likely to crack over time due to its flexibility, resilience to sunlight and weatherproof attributes. It has become a popular alternative in coastal towns where the exteriors are exposed to heat, ocean air and humidity. Polymer renders are water-resistant and are not susceptible to bacteria, moulds and fungi.

Homeowners don’t need to worry about the natural expansion and contraction of materials that might lead to unappealing cracks throughout their home.