Exterior Wall Cladding


Cova-Wall® has been providing Australian home owners and developers with the highest-quality building supplies for over 20 years. We have one of the largest ranges of wall cladding, finishes and supplies, at the lowest prices available. Our expert staff can help you in find the perfect home solution to achieve the effect you are after.

Wall cladding provides comfortable living all year, acting as an insulator and enhancing the overall appearance of your home. Wall cladding is applied to the external building surface to control outside temperatures, reduce energy consumption and reinforce the existing structure.

Pre Coated Foam Cladding

Pre Coated Foam cladding is regarded as one of the most effective methods for insulating homes in Australia. It does not crack like traditional render and is light-weight and easy to install. Most importantly, foam cladding can be applied to any internal or external surface, consisting of metal or timber substrates.

Polystyrene Cladding

Polystyrene cladding has become a popular alternative to traditional wall cladding, because it is light-weight, water-resistant and extremely cost-effective. Polystyrene cladding can be easily installed and once in place, can be coated with an acrylic base coat render to create the perfect finish.

For the highest-quality wall cladding, visit Cova-Wall® If you are considering insulating or resurfacing your home or property, come and speak to the team at Cova-Wall® about the benefits of wall cladding. Wall cladding is affordable, looks great and effectively controls internal temperatures during winter and summer. Cova-Wall® will help you find the right product and assist with the installation of all wall cladding systems. Contact us today!