Polystyrene panels

The recent introduction of Polystyrene panels used for new technology building products in Victoria is currently being used in conjunction with Cova-Wall® EPS Render & Fastwall Render in Sri Lanka.

We are proud and honored to have been asked to supply materials to erect emergency housing to the Tsunami victims during the crisis currently in this region.

Polystyrene has excellent thermal properties essentially because it consists of mainly stabilised air, It is a durable, non-irritating, inert organic material which will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew and has no nutritive value to ants or rodents.

Polystyrene suffers little or no effect from water or water vapour. Even under the most adverse and rare conditions of total prolonged saturation, it maintains it’s shape, size, structure, cohesion and physical appearance.

Polystyrene contains a flame retardant therefore it will not support combustion and will retreat from the flame source & self extinguish.

Results have shown that EPS Render has excellent impact resistance and is an excellent choice for base coats to polystyrene cladding.

We at Cova-Wall® not only supply, manufacture, and install texture coatings and cementitious renders, but also supply a wide range of polystyrene panels and a full range of accessories which include stainless steel angles, fibreglass mesh and polypropylene washers used for the installation of polystyrene panels.

So, for your next project no matter how big or small; the team at Cova-Wall® are the right choice to complete the task.

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