Polystyrene Cladding: Advantages

Polystyrene cladding has become a popular trend in today’s building industry – it offers a smart choice amongst the traditional wall cladding materials such as masonry, timber, concrete and steel surfaces.

Polystyrene wall cladding from Cova-Wall® offers an insulating, decorative and protective exterior finish system that can be used for just about any type of construction project.

Here are the detailed advantages of expanded polystyrene wall cladding:

1. Polystyrene cladding sheets are made up of lightweight materials, which makes it easy to handle, install and clean. Although it’s lightweight, it offers durability when rendered.

2. Expanded polystyrene wall cladding has inherent thermal properties and offers high insulation values. It’s an energy saving method when applied as an exterior cladding as it keeps the inside warm during winter and cool throughout summer.

3. Polystyrene cladding is resistant to white ants, termites and rodents.

4. Polystyrene wall cladding has fire retardant properties – reducing flammability and delays combustion.

5. Expanded polystyrene sheeting is flexible, it can be attached to any surface material. It’s adaptable to any size, shape and application, therefore giving innumerable design possibilities.

6. Polystyrene cladding has a water and vapour barrier. It maintains its features – shape, size, consistency even when put under prolonged saturation.